Chapter 19 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 19

Huck goes over to the shore one day to collect berries and he sees two men being chased by dogs. He helps them escape into his canoe and they all talk. One of the men is older, around seventy, and he was being chased for spending his time and money getting drunk. The other man, around thirty, was being chased for selling a product that not only took the tartar off of your teeth, but the enamel as well.

The young man tells them all that he is really a Duke, the Duke of Bridgewater. He says that it would make him feel better if they all address him as "Your Grace, My Lord, or Your Lordship." Also, they should wait on him at dinner. Huck and Jim feel bad for him, so they wait on him and act like servants.

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The older man tells them all that he is really a King, and is a descendant from the Kings of France. He too wants to be treated like a King by being called "Your Majesty" and expects to be waited on first at meals. Jim and Huck conform and act like servants to him too.

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Huck eventually realizes that the two men are liars, but he doesn't say anything about it. He feels the best way to deal with these type of people is to allow them to have their own way.

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