Chapter 17 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 17

Someone from the house hears the dogs barking and asks, "Who's there?" Huck says his name is George Jackson and he just fell off of the steamboat. The man asks Huck if he is a Shepherdson, and Huck says he's never even heard of them. The man tells some boys in the house to get the candle and their guns. They carefully let Huck enter the house and when they see him, they see that he isn't a Shepherdson. The mother tells Buck (a boy about 13 or 14, the same age as Huck) to go and get Huck some dry clothes. He gets Huck the clothes and tells him that he can stay there forever and they can play together.

Huck makes up a story about how he used to live on a farm, how his father died, and how he came to be there now. They tell him he can have a home there as long as he wants. They make him a delicious meal and they all talk.

Huck thinks their house is the nicest he's ever seen before in the country. He is impressed with all of their stuff: the tables, fireplace, clocks, baskets, books, and pictures. He is especially interested in the paintings and poetry that their dead daughter, Emmeline made. She wrote all about dead people, and since she is now dead, Huck thinks that it is only fair that someone should take the time to write about her. He tries it, but isn't satisfied with his work.

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Huck really likes it at their house and he fits in well.

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