Chapter 15 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 15

Huck and Jim are almost at the bottom of Illinois, near the city Cairo. They want to stop there, sell the raft, and make their way up the Ohio River into the free states.

One night, Huck goes to tie the raft to the shore, but the current is too strong and it breaks loose. Huck searches the river for it (because Jim and all of their stuff is on it) but the fog is too thick. They holler back and forth because they can't see each other. Huck falls asleep and when he wakes up, he sees Jim asleep on the raft. He gets on the raft and pretends to have just woken up. Jim is so excited to see Huck alive, but Huck tells him that he was there the whole time, and makes Jim feel stupid. Huck says that he was either drunk or dreaming, but that he has been there the whole time and he doesn't know what Jim is talking about. Jim finally figures out that Huck made a fool out of him because he sees the leaves and rubbish on the raft. He gets mad and goes into the wigwam. Huck feels guilty for making Jim feel so bad.

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