Chapter 11 Notes from Huckleberry Finn

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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 11

Huck goes inside the house and talks with the woman for a while about what has been going on around town. Pap supposedly disappeared, and some people think he may have killed Huck for Huck's money. Some others think Jim did it and there is a $300 reward out for him. The woman thinks that Jim might be over at Jackson's Island because she saw smoke over there. Her husband and another man went to check it out. Huck gets very nervous because the woman notices he is a boy. She can tell by the way he throws, threads a needle, and catches things in his lap (close-legged). He makes up a story that he ran away from a mean old farmer that took care of him. Huck says that he meant to go to Goshen, and the woman tells him that he is in St. Petersburg. Huck says he has to be on his way. Before he goes, she quizzes him about farm things to see if he is lying, but he knows all of the answers. She fixes him a snack and tells him her name, Judith Loftus, in case he needs her, and he leaves.

Huck runs back to the canoe and paddles back to Jim in the cavern. He wakes Jim up, they load up the raft with all of their stuff, and they shove off.

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