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Gulliver's Travels Objects/Places

England: Gulliver lives in Redriff, a small town in England. He returns to England after each of his adventures, only to leave several months later. England represents his native land and European monarchy. However, after his four grand adventures, he finds little solace in the ways of English rule and culture.

Lilliput: Lilliput is the first of all the strange lands and adventures Gulliver encounters and experiences. It is a civilization of people a fraction of the size of human beings. Gulliver awakens in their land tied to the ground by thousands of their people, and eventually becomes their man-mountain - their aid. However, after several unfortunate incidents, Gulliver leaves Lilliput for the neighboring Blefuscu, until he must leave both lands forever. His presence as a giant in this land offers a new perspective on humanity to Gulliver, as he befriends these interesting people.

Mildendo: Mildendo is the capital metropolis of Lilliput, in which Gulliver is only privileged occasionally to visit. There must be full warning of his entrance before he visits so that the Lilliputians may take cover for their lives and not be stomped to death by the Man-Mountain - Gulliver.

Blefuscu: Blefuscu is the neighboring island of Lilliput and the vouched enemy of the Lilliputians. Due to a quarrel ears earlier about eating eggs from the big or little end, Lilliput and Blefuscu have been at war for some time. Gulliver intercedes and helps Lilliput initially. However, when he is about to be executed by the Lilliputians, he flees to Blefuscu, where he is welcomed openly.

Brobdingnag: Brobdingnag is the second land to which Gulliver travels. In the complete opposite fashion to Lilliput, Brobdingnag is a land of giants. All the inhabitants are the size of Gulliver on Lilliput, and Gulliver, likewise, is the size of a Lilliputian. He is minute, and discovered by a farmer in the cornfields. The farmer's daughter, Glumdalclitch, takes Gulliver into her care - almost like a doll - and watches over him through his entire stay on Brobdingnag. Gulliver sees much of the grotesque aspects of humanity through his microscopic view and is repulsed by much of their biology, hygiene, and activity. He becomes a part of the royal entourage; however, decides to flee for eventual fear of his life and desire to be with people his own size.

Lorbrugrud: Lorbrugrud is the capital metropolis of Brobdingnag. The farmer takes an encased Gulliver to Lorbrugrud to be put on exhibition for all to see.

Laputa: Laputa is the flying island of Gulliver's third journey. It officially translates to Lap, meaning high, and untah, meaning governor. After discovering the earflaps and communication problems of the Laputans, Gulliver desires to leave the flying island to discover the lands below. Laputa is held together by a strong lodestone located in the center of the island, and is the ruling island of all the lands below.

Lagado: Lagado is the capital metropolis of Balnibarbi, the continent of the land of Laputa. Gulliver discovers here in the city, how everything in the land is defined and run by mathematical figures.

Lindalino: Lindalino is one of the grounded islands below Laputa. Years prior to Gulliver's arrival, the people of Lindalino revolted against the emperor of Laputa to success, bringing new ideas to the government - most notably that of the Academy.

Maldonada: Maldonada is the port of the land of Balnibarbi (Laputa). Gulliver awaits a ship through Maldonada so that he may leave and explore other lands.

Luggnagg: Luggnagg is the final island in the empire of Laputa that Gulliver visits. It is marked by the Struldbruggs, the immortal beings. Although Gulliver initially reveres this race, he soon learns that it is rather a curse than a blessing.

Glubbdubdrib: Glubbdubdrib is the town Gulliver visits briefly while waiting to travel to Luggnagg. Derived from the name, the Island of the Magicians or Sorcerers, Glubbdubdrib is a small town of ghosts and spirits, in which Gulliver summons men of historical import. He questions people like Alexander the Great, Caesar, Pompey, and Aristotle, and learns that empires are generally formed from ill will and violent motives.

Houyhnhnm: Houyhnhnm is the final land to which Gulliver travels. It is marked by the ruling class of Houyhnhnms (horses) and inferior brutes of Yahoos (people). This final land is Gulliver's favorite, and he is heartbroken when he is told he must leave it. From this land, Gulliver sees a people who are ruled by reason and reason alone, do not understand lies, and have a genuine understanding and care for others. He reveres this species and wishes he could live amongst them forever. He explains his presence and his native land, their treatment of horses, and their overall political, legal, and cultural systems.

Redriff: Redriff is the town in England where Gulliver lives. When her returns from a trip, he goes home to his wife and children in Redriff. And, at the conclusion of the novel, he lives the remaining years of his life in Redriff, with his wife, and his two new horses.

Balnibarbi: Balnibarbi is the continent from the third book, over which Laputa flies. It is the land that houses Luggnagg, Maldonado, Lindalino, and Glubbdubdrib, among others not mentioned.

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