Notes on Objects & Places from Grendel

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Grendel Objects/Places

Grendel's Cave: Grendel's home, where he lives with his mother. Dark, frightening and full of mysterious creatures, Grendel's cave sometimes disappoints him. He asks his mother why they have to live there: it is too much like an animal's shelter for the thoughtful, ambitious Grendel. His mother does not answer. She is unable to speak, and seems to prefer the darkness of the cave.

Hrothgar's Meadhall: A dining hall where the soldiers drink and eat together. Important meetings are held there, boasts, stories and songs are related there, and the soldiers sleep there too. Grendel attacks them at night, though the place is guarded. He hates that they never give up hope: they always rebuild the meadhall, no matter how many times he destroys it.

The dragon's lair: A frightening and vast space filled with jewels and gold. The dragon sits, counting his riches, for eternity. It is his only goal, since he has decided that life is meaningless. Though Grendel tries to argue with him, the dragon is too smart--and too wily--to let him. The dragon confuses Grendel until he is unsure of everything. After his visit with the dragon, Grendel is much less innocent. He wishes, at times, that he had never met the dragon.

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