Chapter 1 Notes from Grapes of Wrath

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Grapes of Wrath Chapter 1

The rain leaves Oklahoma in late May, too early in the growing season. The sky and the earth grow pale. The new corn begins to dry up. The roads turn into dust clouds. In mid June, heavy clouds pass over Oklahoma but leave only a spattering of rain.

A gentle wind follows, which develops into a strong, steady gale. The corn crop is ruined, and the country is covered in a dusty haze. Men and women hide in their houses.

When the wind passes on and the dust settles, the people come out of their houses. The men look silently at the dry battered corn. "The women studied the men's faces secretly, for the corn could go as long as something else remained." Chapter 1, pg. 4 The children wait for their parents' reactions. After a while, the men's faces become angry and resistant and the women know everything will be all right. The women go to work and children begin to play. "The men sat still - thinking - figuring." Chapter 1, pg. 5

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