Chapter 3 Notes from The Giver

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The Giver Chapter 3

When the baby boy arrives at the family unit, Lily first notices his unusual eye color that are similar to Jonas's eyes which are also pale. In the community, dark eyes are the most common, but there are exceptions like those of Jonas and of a female Five. Jonas does not like the fact that Lily has mentioned his eyes. "No one [mentions] such things; it [is] not a rule, but [is] considered rude to call attention to things that [are] unsettling or different about individuals." Chapter 3. Pg. 20

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As he looks into the newchild's eyes, however, Jonas feels like he is looking at a mirror which is rare in the. There is quality of "depth" in the child's pale eyes.

Excited about the new young visitor, Lily exclaims that she would like to be a Birthmother. Mother tells her sharply that there is "very little honor" in being a Birthmother. A Birthmother gives three births for three years after which she becomes a mere Laborer. Father suggests to Lily that she should think about being a Nurturer like himself instead of being a Birthmother.

Jonas thinks to himself that Lily is never quiet. She is like the speakers in the community. He remembers the time when there was an announcement made specifically at him. Although his name had not been mentioned, the message had clearly been intended for him. During recreation, Jonas and Asher had been playing catch with an apple which was not an unusual recreational activity in the community. But, Jonas noticed that the apple had changed suddenly, not in size or shape, but in a different way. It changed a total of four times. Confused, Jonas had taken the apple home despite the rules that forbade doing so. Soon, an announcement was made through the speakers, reminding male Elevens that objects were not to be taken from the Recreation area. Although the announcement had been made to all male Elevens, Jonas knew that it had been directed at him.

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