Chapter 21 Notes from The Giver

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The Giver Chapter 21

Despite the careful planning, however, Jonas is forced to flee immediately that very night, unable to wait until the day of the Ceremony. Earlier in the evening, Father announced that Gabriel had been voted to be released. When he was taken to the Nurturing Center to sleep, Gabriel cried all night, and a decision had been made to release the child the very next morning.

Taking some leftover food and his father's larger bicycle with a childseat in the back to carry Gabriel, Jonas sets out on his journey. He transmits a calm memory of a hammock swinging back and forth by a beach on an island to Gabriel to soothe the child into falling asleep. He pedals steadily, leaving the community. He is leaving without the memories of courage and strength that The Giver had promised, but he hopes that the ones he has now will suffice. After stopping by a stream to eat with Gabriel, Jonas takes the newchild in his arms to sleep. To help the baby sleep, Jonas transmits another memory--this time, that of exhaustion.

Sleeping by day and pedaling by night, Jonas can no longer count how many days have passed. Despite his aching legs, Jonas continues his journey. At times, planes fly closely over the land. Remembering that these planes are equipped with devices that can detect body warmth, Jonas gives Gabriel memories of snow and saves some for himself so that their bodies will go undetected by the searchers. As Jonas journeys further away from the community, he realizes that his memories are becoming weaker and fainter. He is shedding the memories so they can make their way back to the people. Soon, the search planes become less frequent as Jonas moves ahead into an area uninhabited by people.

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