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Chapter 37: Another Pilgrimage to the Castle... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 37: Another Pilgrimage to the Castle...

Pip makes a journey out to Wemmick's castle, to see what kind of advice the clerk might give him at Walworth. When Pip arrives, Wemmick is out, and he passes a little time with Wemmick's aged parent. The Aged tells Pip he's a little surprised his son went into law, and Pip tries to get the old man--who is tremendously deaf--into a conversation on this matter. Before things can get properly rolling, a little wooden flap with the name "John" (Wemmick's first name) tumbles open in the living room--this is a little device Wemmick has rigged-up to both amuse and announce his arrival to the Aged.

Wemmick is accompanied by Miss Skiffins, a woman about his age who Wemmick seems to have a bit of a crush on, for later, when Skiffins, Pip, Wemmick and the Aged sit down to eat the mountains of toast the Aged has prepared and to listen to the Aged read, Wemmick keeps trying (without any success) to get his arm around her. Before tea, however, Pip and Wemmick go for a walk on the grounds and Pip asks Wemmick the same question he did at the office, about how he might help out Herbert financially.

Wemmick is a completely different person when he's out of "office mode" and he gives Pip completely different advice. A plan is resolved that evening and soon put into motion; Pip will anonymously give one-hundred pounds a year to a merchant named Clarriker, who will hire Herbert and make him a partner, without ever mentioning he's being paid to do so. The plan works perfectly and Herbert never suspects Pip's involvement. Pip is pleased to feel that his expectations have finally "done some good to somebody" (348).

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