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Chapter 33: Estella Tells Me Where She is Going... Notes from Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapter 33: Estella Tells Me Where She is Going...

Estella is as beautiful as ever, though her manner still has that distant and dispassionate way to it that Pip noticed in their last meeting at Miss Havisham's. The two go for a cup of tea in a rather nasty inn, and Estella talks the whole time as if she and Pip are mere pawns to fate--they must do this and that, she says, to satisfy Miss Havisham's plan. This idea that they are merely puppets is horribly discouraging to Pip, though he is still powerless to assert his will around Estella.

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The two go by coach to Estella's new lodgings, at a place by the Green in Richmond. On the way, they pass through Pip's neighborhood and Hammersmith, where the Pockets live. Pip leaves Estella off, thinking how he's miserable with her, miserable without her.

Back at the Pocket's, Pip considers confessing his troubles to his tutor, but when he thinks about the irony in the fact that Mr. Pocket, who is such a wreck at home, is considered a great lecturer on the management of children and servants, he loses his desire to confide in his tutor. Nobody in Pip's world seems to be who they profess to be.

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