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The Good Earth Chapter 15

With the gold coins, Wang Lung prepares for his homecoming by buying wheat, rice, and corn seeds from the south, vegetable seeds, and an ox. Upon arrival, Wang Lung and his family find their house in tatters and their farming implements and the door missing, but Wang Lung is not bothered. He goes to town to buy new things for the house, and in the evening, he stands and looks out at his fields, just wishing to be alone on his land.

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From Ching, Wang Lung learns that a group of robbers lived in his house over the winter. Wang Lung's uncle was well acquainted with the bandit. The villagers tell him that "Hunger makes a thief of any man." Chapter 15, pg. 101. Having grown thin and old, Ching has lost his wife and has given his daughter away to a soldier during the famine. Giving Ching some seeds from the south, Wang Lung tells him that he will help plow Ching's land with the newly bought ox.

Wang Lung is happy that his uncle is no longer living in the village. No one knows where he is, but some say that he has gone to the city. Others say that he has moved to a far place with his family after having sold all of his daughters.

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Completely devoted to his land, Wang Lung spends days thinking of what to plant on what part of his land. When he is exhausted, he lies down on the earth to sleep. O-lan is also kept busy with rebuilding the house and fixing the walls and the floors. One day, O-lan and Wang Lung buy new household goods at the town, including candlesticks, incense urn, and candles. With these, Wang Lung goes to the temple of the earth to visit the god and his lady standing under the roof. Seeing the figurines weathered and worn, Wang Lung scolds them for not having been kinder to men.

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Before long, things are as they should be. O-lan is pregnant, and the children play happily while the old man lazily sleeps. The rice and the beans grow in the fields. Wang Lung tells himself: "I must stick a little incense before those two in the small temple. After all, they have power over earth." Chapter 15, pg. 103

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