Chapter 10 Notes from The Good Earth

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The Good Earth Chapter 10

The next morning, the family starts their walk to the south. Wang Lung carries the girl child, but helps his father after seeing the feeble old man. They pass the temple of the earth and the gate of the wall. They pass the great House of Hwang and people sitting on the doorsteps. One laments that the rich will not spare anything to the poor during such hard times, and another cries that he would destroy the great house if he had enough strength.

Evening sets in, and soon Wang Lung and his family are swept up in a crowd of people who are also going south by catching "a firewagon" for a small fee. Although initially hesitant, Wang Lung sees that his father and the rest of the family are exhausted from the day's walk. Another day of walking would be too much for them all. Suddenly, with a roaring, the firewagon rushes up, and Wang Lung's family is swept up with the multitude amidst the confusion into the train.

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