Chapter 37 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 37

Robert Jordan lies awake, looking at his watch. He does not want to wake Maria, but he does not want to leave her alone this last time. She wakes and wants to make love. He asks about the pain and she tells him not to speak. They make love and she tells him she reached glory again. They say they have good luck, and he tells her he is not worried. He thinks about how much he has learned about life in the past four days and tells her she taught him much. She says he is the educated one, and he tells himself that if he dies it will be a waste, for he knows a few things now. The days on the hill were his life, Anselmo his oldest friend; Maria is his love, wife, sister, daughter. He tells her he cannot be with her at the start, but will hurry back. It is ten of three, a.m. when she rolls the blanket and he enters the cave.

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