Chapter 36 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 36

Andrés shouts up to the government post that he is alone and unarmed. They say he is a fascist and he repeats that he is a guerrilla with a message for the General Staff. One says they should throw a bomb at him. They demand he walks with his hands up, even when he gets stuck in the wire, and they joke it would have been easier to bomb him. He tells them they are unfriendly and they remind him it is war. He tells them he is of no importance but the affair is serious. They shout about liberty and he realizes that he is dealing with the crazies with the black and red scarves, anarchists. He shouts "long live us," and they embrace him and welcome him as a comrade. He shows his papers and they ask details about his village to authenticate. He is in a hurry, but the officer insists on talking, saying they should stop the guerrilla nonsense and join the Republic. The officer is suspicious because has not heard of the attack and says he will accompany him. The suspicious officer insists on carrying his gun.

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