Chapter 34 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 34

Andrés is on his way. He thinks about how they will avenge Sordo. When he was sent, he felt as when he was a boy and the bullbaiting was rained out, though he looked forward to it all year. Once, to save a fallen man, he held onto the bull and gripped its ear in his teeth, and acquired the nickname "bulldog." He knows he must go back for his comrades and brother and will enjoy killing fascists. If his father had not been a Republican, he and Eladio would have fought with the fascists, and it would have been simpler: "It was easier to live under a regime than fight it." Chapter 34, pg. 367 He does not worry, for he believes in the cause, but it is a time of great difficulty and a life of responsibility. He wishes he could do small, regular things like raising animals. Everything he has - a message, a carbine, some grenades - he can give away.

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