Chapter 29 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 29

Anselmo arrives and tells them what they already know. Pablo sits without expression. Anselmo drinks much whiskey. He has seen much movement on the road: anti-tank guns, and four trucks with six men each. Robert Jordan will send Andrés with an urgent message for General Golz. Anselmo is anxious that he will not make it, or will not understand the orders, and is frustrated that he himself does not understand. Robert Jordan explains more clearly. He does not know where the General is, but it will probably be close to the lines, underground. Andrés must ask. Pablo, still sullen, says even without Sordo, they have enough men, and admires Robert Jordan's bravery. Robert Jordan is concentrating on writing and barely listens. He wants to send two copies but there are not enough men. He wonders why the attack is made - perhaps they are trying to draw troops from somewhere else, or planes out of the North. Pablo, still looking down, says that he has confidence. Robert Jordan wishes that he did too.

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