Chapter 28 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 28

The others watch the planes fly away and Robert Jordan tries to tell himself that they probably bombed their own cavalry and did not touch Sordo. There is firing and Primitivo says the fighting continues. The gunfire stops suddenly, and one pistol shot, which is Lt. Berrendo's, rings. The quiet gives Robert Jordan a hollow feeling in his chest. Maria brings the stew. She asks about the planes and he tells them it is over. Primitivo loses his appetite. Robert Jordan says that Maria can stay, but she says she has to go to Pilar for instruction, and blushes. Primitivo, his voice breaking, again brings up that they did not go to help, and Robert Jordan again silences him. Robert Jordan sees the cavalry leaving with ponchos wrapped around bulges, and sees they have Sordo's rifle.

Lt. Berrendo does not feel arrogant, but hollow. He knows taking the heads is barbaric, but necessary for identification. He thinks of his best friend dead on the hill and prays for him. They proceed onto La Granja and pass Anselmo, who recognizes the rifle and realizes what the ponchos contain. He prays for their souls. He prays that the Inglés' instructions will be exact, for he thinks that otherwise he will run if faced with danger. He sees Fernando. Fernando says what undignified barbarians the fascists are; that they must do away with them. Anselmo grins at his overzealousness and agrees.

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