Chapter 25 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 25

Robert Jordan tells Agustín not to fire prematurely, and tells Anselmo to help with the gun. He tells them they can do nothing to help El Sordo. He has known they were a lost cause since last night. Primitivo is persistent, extremely upset that they cannot help their comrades. Robert Jordan keeps telling him it is useless. Pilar arrives and commiserates. She says the gypsy exaggerated the four cavalrymen, and attributes this to his gypsy race.

They are very tense and sad, listening to the gunfire that they know is the massacre of Sordo. Pilar too tells Primitivo that it would be suicidal to go help. He says that there are women who are stupid and brutal, and she retorts that they are aids to those men poorly equipped for procreation. They see another observation plane, which she fears greatly. She apologizes to Primitivo because she knows they are all in the same situation, and he accepts, but tells her to watch her mouth, for he was close to Sordo. She says that she is too, but that "in war cannot say what one feels." Chapter 25, pg. 301

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