Chapter 24 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 24

They eat onions, meat, and cheese, and Agustín says their breath will alert the fascists. He says the difference between Robert Jordan and Kashkin, is that Kashkin suffered greatly. Robert Jordan says he is of those who suffer little, and Agustín agrees, adding that he suffers for others, and Robert Jordan says all good men should. Agustín says Pilar guarded Maria like a nun, and does not understand why she saved her for Robert Jordan, when any of them could have sexually serviced her. Robert Jordan tells him to stop, that he cares for her seriously, and Agustín says he has too, and that Robert Jordan must take care, since she has suffered. Robert Jordan reassures him that that he will marry her. Agustín tells him that the matter of Maria is separate and will follow him in battle, and reassures him about the others. He mumbles how he still has the whores. Robert Jordan hears rifle fire, from El Sordo's direction. Agustín wants to go help, but they will stay.

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