Chapter 22 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 22

Anselmo and Robert Jordan prepare. The automatic gun was brought by porters without instruction, and Anselmo and the others had to experiment to learn to use it. Robert Jordan builds a holder, and a cover for two men who will use it. He fears there are not enough horses to escape, and fears what will happen to El Sordo if they pick up the horse trails. He knows they are not ready to fight that day, but if they move they leave tracks. He hopes the aerial offensive gets up on time, and he knows Pablo can take care of himself but does not trust him. He does not know how they will escape if there is no one to cover them.

The gypsy arrives, having caught two fat hares who were making love in the snow. He is embarrassed to have been away from his post, distracted by the hares, and did not see the cavalry man. He is surprised that Robert Jordan is not angry. Robert Jordan thinks to himself that he is undisciplined, and gypsies in general are physically and mentally unfit for war.

He gives them advice on aim and technique and tells them to avoid combat. He tells Agustín to aim low, because the gun jumps. Agustín says that if not for the bridge they could make a massacre and escape, but Robert Jordan says that with it, they could perhaps take Segovia, the provincial capital. Robert Jordan says he can massacre the enemy posts tomorrow, and Agustín is glad, for Pablo has rotted them with inaction. They see another observation plane, probably headed for Segovia, where the feared attack brews.

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