Chapter 21 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 21

Jordan wakes and feels the warm air, and knows the snow will be gone soon. A man on a horse comes very close, and he shoots him from his bed. He tells Primitivo to catch the big horse. He knows that the cavalry will miss the man and follow tracks to look for him.

He will go to the gypsy, and tells Pablo to lead the horse out so that the tracks will lead away. Pablo remarks on how quick he thinks. They are amazed at the modernity of the dead man's gun. Pilar and Maria prepare the camp for leaving. Pilar remarks on how having a horse has made Pablo seem brave. Pablo tells Robert Jordan that danger is his horse.

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Maria wants to come with him but he says she cannot. She wants him to say he loves her but he does not want to feel love and war all at the same moment. He is cold to her, for work has taken over his thinking. The goodbye is intense, and in his last glimpse of her, she has tears in her eyes. Primitivo asks how she is in bed, and Robert Jordan tells him to watch his mouth.

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