Chapter 20 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 20

Robert Jordan makes a rough bed with spruce wood. Pilar will guard his bags with the dynamite. He lies in bed and remembers a mixture of Montana odors like raked leaves, spring, bacon, and fresh bread. He is worried that Maria might not come, and they have so little time left. She comes, apologizing for her cold feet and asks him to say he loves her. He says it, and she says she loves him and is his wife. She says they are one, and she will be him when he is not there. They make love, and she does not climax as she had in the afternoon. One does not need to die (this is the term she used earlier for her climax). Robert Jordan sees a double meaning and says he hopes not. He says he loves her name, though she thinks it is common. He feels her body against his and is not lonely but wakes in the night and cannot fall back to sleep, thinking how she is all of life and is being taken from him. He keeps his pistol nearby.

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