Chapter 17 Notes from For Whom the Bell Tolls

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For Whom the Bell Tolls Chapter 17

All, even Pilar and Agustín, are for killing Pablo now. They cannot keep him as a prisoner, for that would take two men, and when the gypsy says they should sell him to the fascists, Agustín says that one filthiness does not justify another. Pilar says that Anselmo and Robert Jordan are not involved, because he is not their leader. The gypsy Rafael suggests that they blind him, and Pilar is embarrassed that he talks of blinding in front of the foreigner. Fernando says he is a threat to the Republic, and Pilar tells him to fill his mouth with stew and talk no more. Robert Jordan says he will do it that night. Maria objects and Pilar tells her to stay out.

Pablo comes back in and knows they have been speaking of him. He tells Maria to get him wine. Robert Jordan knows that Pablo knows there will be no shooting with the dynamite around, and takes Agustín outside to remind him. Robert Jordan sees that Pablo's way is to push to the breaking point and then to drop it and start again.

Pablo announces that he is back with them, and they cannot believe it. Pilar accuses him of eavesdropping, but he says he just sobered up. Fernando asks if he is with them and Pablo says yes, and that he has confidence in the plan. Agustín says he is leaving the madhouse for criminal lunatics before he becomes crazy too.

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