Chapter 8 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 8

The next day they hear that there is going to be an attack at night. Fred goes to see Catherine who says she is better. He tells her that he can't come to see her because of the attack. She gives him a Saint Anthony necklace for luck and tells him not to say goodbye. They can't kiss because they are in the middle of the hospital. He leaves and gets into the truck. The driver also has a Saint Anthony. He is in the first of the four cars he commands. He describes the beautiful landscape of rolling hills and stone farmhouses as they ascend the mountain. In contrast:

"There were troops on this road and motor trucks and mules with mountain guns and as we went down, keeping to one side, and across, under a hill beyond the river, the broken houses of the little town that was to be taken." Chapter 8, pg. 45

The world around is always beautiful while the actions of the men within in it are not. Fred repeatedly notes this. They arrive at their destination at dark.

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