Chapter 36 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 36

The bartender comes to Fred in the night and warns him that some men are planning to arrest him in the morning. Fred asks him what to do and Emilio, the bartender, advises him to go to Switzerland in his boat once the storm has cleared. Fred tells Catherine that they have to leave immediately and she asks him to look away as she dresses.

"I saw her white back as she took off her night-gown and then I looked away because she wanted me to. She was beginning to be a little big with the child and she did not want me to see her. I dressed hearing the rain on the windows. I did not have much to put in my bag." Chapter 36, pg. 266

Emilio waits in the bathroom while they dress, and takes their bags down. Catherine thanks him and he tells them to go out front, as if they are taking a walk, and he will meet them at his boat. The porter at the door gives them an umbrella, surprised that they are going out in the bad weather. Emilio gives them a bottle of brandy and wine and tells them that it is 35 kilometers to Switzerland and that they should go with the wind. They shove off and row.

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