Book 4, Chapter 33 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Book 4, Chapter 33

Fred gets off the train in Milan and goes to a shop for some coffee. There are drunken soldiers at the bar. The owner asks him about the front and tells him that if he is in trouble he can stay with him (many people do). He is quietly against the war and part of a movement to draw support away from it. Fred finds this sentiment welcome, even though the man is annoyingly persistent. He also tells him that "it is now hard to leave the country but it is in no way impossible" Chapter 33, pg. 238. Fred appreciates his advice and invites him to share in a glass of grappa. The man tells him to lose the ripped coat because it is too obvious. He also has papers to sell him if he needs them. Back at the hospital, the porter and his wife embrace Fred. He finds out that Catherine has gone to Stresa. Fred asks the porter to promise that he has never seen him, which the Porter willingly does. Fred then goes to see Simmons the singer and tells him he's in trouble. Simmons tells him that his singing was not received well and he can tell that Fred is in a big mess. Fred asks Simmons to go buy him some clothes, but Simmons offers him his own clothing. Fred plans to go to Stresa and then to Switzerland. He leaves.

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