Chapter 29 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 29

They get stuck in the mud ten miles north of Udine. The engineers don't want to help and leave. Fred tries to order them to stop but they won't. He shoots and wounds one of them. Bonello goes out and finishes the wounded one off. It takes some time to move the cars and Aymo's is by far the worst. It gets stuck deeper in the mud. They try everything but must abandon it. They lose the two other cars in another field. Near the town, Fred gives the girls 20 lire to go away and the drivers joke about how much money it would take for them to leave.

Their situation continues to get worse. Bonello brags about killing the engineer. Aymo tells Fred that they are all socialists and always have been. They keep walking up the hill and stop talking.

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