Chapter 23 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 23

It is the night that Fred is supposed to return to the front and he sends the porter to the train to save a seat for him. The train is usually crowded and seats must be saved hours ahead of time. Fred buys some coffee and grappa and then goes to find Catherine. They walk in front of a cathedral and see another couple out for a stroll. They walk in front of a leather shop promising each other to go skiing some time this year. They go to a gun store so that Fred can buy a pistol. He buys one for 50 lire and the lady tries to get him to buy a sword.

Catherine tells him that she feels better than she felt before and they walk into an unlit street to kiss. They decide to go somewhere else and take a cab; on the way to a hotel, they stop and get Catherine a nightgown. Fred orders woodcock from the room service and watches Catherine, who does not look happy. She tells him that she feels like a whore. Fred gets upset when they argue, but soon Catherine's mood changes. They eat and then have sex. Fred keeps repeating that Catherine is lovely and she says, " I wish we could do something really sinful." Chapter 23, pg. 153. They talk about wine and how it gave Catherine's father gout. Fred tries to get serious and asks Catherine where she will have the baby, but she tells him not to worry about it. They leave the hotel.

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