Chapter 20 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 20

One day they go to the races with Miss Ferguson and another man, Crowell Rodgers, having looked at the papers beforehand. In Italy, the racing is very crooked. Old Meyers is a man who always wins because he has the right connections, and he rarely shares information with anyone because he doesn't want to drive down the prize amount. Catherine, Fred, Miss Ferguson and Crowell pool their money and bet 100 lire on a horse whose odds are 35 to 1 because it is dyed a deep dark purple. The horse wins, but they only get a 2 to 1 return because someone bet a large amount of money on the horse at the last minute. The next race, they bet on the same horse as Old Meyers and win, but they make very little money. Old Meyers is frustrated so Catherine and Fred go downstairs. They bet on a horse who gets fourth place out of five and Catherine says " Don't you like it better when we're alone?" Chapter 20, pg. 132. Fred, of course, says yes and they stay apart from the others for a while.

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