Book 2, Chapter 13 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Book 2, Chapter 13

They arrive in Milan in the morning and enter the American hospital. Fred is crowded into an elevator and his legs hurt very badly because they are in a bent position. When they get to the right floor, there is some confusion because the hospital is not ready for a patient and was not informed of Fred's arrival. They debate where to put him, even though all the beds are empty. They put him down and he falls to sleep. The confusion subsides.

"When I woke I looked around. There was sunlight coming in through the shutters. I saw the big armoire, the bare walls, and two chairs. My legs in the dirty bandages, stuck straight out in the bed. I was careful not to move them. I was thirsty and I reached for the bell and pushed the button. I heard the door open and looked and it was a nurse. She looked young and pretty." Chapter 13, pg. 84

The doctor is not around because no one expected any patients. Miss Gage, the nurse, talks while she bathes him and takes his temperature. He tells her that there is iron in his leg, but she doesn't believe him. Miss Walker comes and helps Miss Gage make the bed while he is in it. He asks a lot of questions and tells Miss Gage that she is pretty and she giggles. The nurses are surprised that he is so active. He sleeps for a while and then eats lunch in the afternoon. He argues with the head nurse, Miss Van Campen, because she won't let him have alcohol. Miss Gage doesn't understand why he wants to upset the head nurse. She tells him that the doctor will come soon. Fred disobeys the head nurse, asking the porter to go out and buy him some wine and vermouth, which he hides under his bed.

Miss Gage brings him some eggnog with sherry from Miss Van Campen and makes excuses for her stinginess. She says Miss Van Campen is trying to make peace in the hospital. This doesn't make much of an impression on Fred. He doesn't eat much and then sleeps.

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