Chapter 10 Notes from A Farewell to Arms

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A Farewell to Arms Chapter 10

In the hospital, Fred lies in a bed and struggles with the flies and the heat. Rinaldi comes by and brings him a bottle of cognac, reporting that he is to be decorated and might be getting the bronze or silver medal depending on how they 'spin it'. Fred is not really interested in the decoration; it seems meaningless. The operation was successful, resulting in the capture of a thousand enemy troops. Rinaldi complains about the work done by the field surgeon on Fred's leg and promises to come back with Catherine. He also complains about the town and the girls there and then they drink to Fred's award. Rinaldi mentions that no one is around, but Fred tells him he can make fun of the priest. Rinaldi says he thinks the priest is gay. Then he leaves, saying: "I will send Miss Barkley. You are better with her without me. You are purer and sweeter." Chapter 10, pg. 66. They end up arguing a little, but they make up. Rinaldi doesn't kiss him good-bye but leaves the cognac behind.

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