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A Farewell to Arms Objects/Places

Italy: This is where all the action of the novel takes place. Fred is in Italy at the beginning of the war and he joins the Italian army. Italy is allied with Britain and France (and later Serbia and Russia) against Austria and Germany.

World War One: (1913-1918) This was the first 'modern' war in that it saw the disintegration of 'classical' warfare tactics. Technological advances such as the machine gun, airplane, submarine and tank led to the creation of trench warfare. World War I erupted from thea series of events following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in the Balkans. It quickly became a world conflict because of an intricate series of treaties and alliances that polarized the world. The United States joined the Allies late in the war. Germany was forced to pay grave reparations at the end of the war, as written in the Treaty of Versailles. Many scholars believe this may have been one of the largest contributing factors to World War II.

Gorizia: The city in which Fred is stationed throughout most of the book. The retreat from this city ultimately results in Fred's desertion of the Army.

Somme: A bloody front between the Germans and the French. Hundreds of thousands of men are said to have perished in the trenches on both sides.

jaundice: A liver disease often caused or worsened by excessive drinking. It causes a yellowing of the eyes.

San Gabriele: An Italian offensive that fails miserably.

Milan: The city in which the American hospital is located. This is where Fred spends the bulk of his time after his injury.

Stresa: A Northern Italian town that borders a lake that borders Switzerland. As in other wars, Switzerland was neutral in World War One.

Montreux: The Swiss city where Fred and Catherine spend the winter.

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