Notes on Objects & Places from Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Objects/Places

Geneva: Geneva, Switzerland. Home of the Frankenstein family where Victor grew up and to which he returned after college and the creation of the monster. The murders of William and Justine were located in the area around Geneva.

Ingolstadt: Ingolstadt, Germany. Victor went to college in Ingolstadt and created the monster in his laboratory there. This was the city of the monster's awakening.

Miniature: A locket with a picture of Caroline Frankenstein. William borrowed this from Elizabeth just before he was murdered and the miniature was missing when they found his body, so it was assumed that a thief murdered him for the necklace, but the monster had taken it because the picture of Caroline was beautiful. He planted the miniature on Justine so that she would be blamed for the crime. This piece of evidence, which she could not explain, condemned her to death.

Mont Blanc: A mountain near Geneva. This mountain is referred to again and again in descriptions of scenery throughout the novel. It carries weight as a mark of Romanticism because it is the subject of a famous poem by Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley's husband.

Orkney Islands: Orkney Islands, Scotland. Victor stays in a hut on one of the sparsely populated Orkney Islands to create a second creature to be a companion to the monster.

The Monster's Companion: The monster demanded that Victor create a second, female monster to act as a companion to the first, or he would be destroyed by the monster's vengeance. Victor agrees reluctantly, but when he is almost finished with the second creature, he realizes the horrific repercussions of creating another monster and destroys his work. This sparks the killing spree and ensuing chase that ends Victor's and the monster's lives.

North Pole: Destination of Robert Walton and his ship as well as the monster and Victor. Walton is bound for the North Pole to explore in the hopes of uncovering secrets of the earth and gaining glory for his discovery. Victor is following the monster to the North Pole to destroy him or die trying, and they meet while Walton's ship is trapped in ice. Walton and Victor never make it to the North Pole because Walton's men want to turn back for England and Victor dies. The monster, however, is last seen on his way to the furthest point north to destroy himself so that none will know of his hideous existence.

Chamounix: Frankenstein traveled to Chamounix to escape his guilt and depression, but while he was in Chamounix, the monster approached him about creating a female monster companion for him. The monster lived in an ice cave not far from Chamounix.

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