Part 4, Chapter 19 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 19

Enright buys the Cortlandt site from the government and hires Roark to rebuild it as it should have been built. Wynand is granted his divorce and lawful innocence. Toohey wins the case against Wynand and is reinstated; he goes to The Banner at ten to nine in the evening, as Wynand's secretary has instructed him, and sits down at his desk while Wynand watches him. At nine o'clock, the presses stop, and Wynand tells Toohey that The Banner is now shut down, and he is out of a job. Toohey goes to work for the Courier.

Wynand's secretary phones Roark to ask for an appointment; Roark goes to his office the next day. Wynand gives him a contract for the Wynand Building, to be built as they discussed previously, but Roark is to have no contact whatsoever with Wynand. Gail tells him to build it as a monument to what Roark is-and what Gail could have been.

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