Part 4, Chapter 13 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 13

Dominique is back in the penthouse after several days in the hospital. Wynand tells her she should have been more careful "playing the innocent bystander;" she would be questioned by the police and would have to be more convincing. He knows what she has done for Roark, and is glad. He tells her Roark is out on bail and there to see her; he calls Roark her lover and tells her if she ever decides to make that true he will kill them both. He leaves.

When the police found Roark, he was standing by the plunger used to set off the dynamite, and told them to arrest him. Gail bails him out of jail, and tells him he can have any lawyer he wants; Roark says he's not going to use a lawyer.

Roark visits Dominique and tells her it was a trap he set for her, so that if he is convicted she cannot be with him. If he is convicted, he wants her to stay with Wynand. She says that it won't matter if they don't ever let her see Roark again, that it will only hurt down to a certain point. He leaves.

The public is outraged about the Cortlandt explosion. Toohey writes in New Frontiers that Roark should pay for it with his life, and others talk about how the egotism of one man has robbed thousands of people their homes. Peter Keating writes a statement saying he doesn't think Roark is guilty and people should leave Roark alone. Wynand writes a string of editorials condemning the society that would condemn a man like Roark, and tells his papers to sell Roark to the public, and to stop the lynching. Dominique and Roark acknowledge to each other that Gail doesn't know that although he is risking everything to save Roark, if Roark is saved, Gail will lose Dominique. As Gail is fighting for Roark, the Wynand papers are steadily decreasing in popularity and the public begins to rally against him. Ellsworth tells Alvah Scarret that he thinks this is the time to take over the Wynand papers. Scarrett and Gus Webb both tell him it's a bad idea.

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