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The Fountainhead Part 1, Chapter 5

Keating has been with Francon & Heyer for a year. Everyone likes him; even Heyer remembers his name, which is rare. He has begun to concentrate on Tim Davis as the first step in his career. Davis has just gotten married last spring, and Keating makes excuses for him, saying his mind's not on his job; Davis is fired and Keating gets his job, but helps Davis find another job. Sometimes he sees Catherine. Peter goes to visit Roark to tell him about everything; they do not connect, and he leaves, vowing never to see him again, but knowing that he will have to eventually.

Keating wakes up in Francon's apartment after another party that Francon has dragged him to. His next step has to do with Stengel; he meets with Mrs. Dunlop, who is planning on having a house built on Long Island. He smoothly convinces her that Francon is merely the name, whereas Stengel does all the designing; as a result she hires Stengel, gives him his opportunity to leave Francon & Heyer, and Keating is promoted to chief designer.

Keating is faced with making his first building and has no idea what to do. He tries to think of what others have done, and hates that he has chosen to be an architect. Finally, he completes his plans, but has no idea what to think of them. He decides to go to Roark. Roark traces the plans and starts drawing and making changes; Keating takes these changes and works on them for another three days before delivering them to Francon, who is pleased.

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Cameron's office is turned down for another building commission, this one for the Security Trust Company. He has been turned down for many jobs, and sometimes comes into work drunk, without feeling any shame. Keating visits Roark and gives him money, offering him a job with Francon. Roark refuses. Roark sees a copy of the New York Banner on Cameron's desk. Cameron says that in the three years since Roark came, he has taught him some skills, but some things cannot be taught; some things he just knows. Cameron says he is leaving.

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