Part 4, Chapter 9 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 9

Dominique has been living in the house Roark built for one month. Gail comments to her that the house was made for her so perfectly, exactly how he had wanted it. Lying on the hill below the house, Roark says he is tired from working; Gail asks him to sleep at the house and go for a swim in the morning at sunrise. Dominique wants Roark to refuse, but he accepts.

Peter shows the plans for the Cortlandt Homes to Ellsworth; they will rent for ten dollars per unit. Ellsworth calls Peter a genius.

Wynand sees the Cortlandt plans and confronts Roark; Roark pretends not to understand. Wynand says that he will run a story about how Roark designed the homes, but Roark threatens to sue. When Wynand asks Dominique who she thinks designed the plans, she simply says, "Of course."

Gail has noticed a slant in his papers against anything individualist or capitalist. He knows about the "We Don't Read Wynand" movement but could not worry about it. He has started to plug Howard Roark at every opportunity in his paper, tastefully, not sensationally, calling him a genius and an artist. Austen Heller tells Roark that the publicity in the Wynand papers is hurting his reputation; Roark agrees but will say nothing more.

Wynand takes Roark to Hell's Kitchen, where he grew up, and shows him the houses that he bought when he first had enough money to buy real estate. He wants Roark to design the Wynand Building, which he has always known would be here. Wynand knows that just as he has waited for this building all his life, so has Roark.

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