Part 4, Chapter 8 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 8

Peter goes to see Howard Roark, and explains very plainly that he has been a parasite all his life, never adding anything new to the buildings he designs and copying what others have made. He asks if Howard will design the Cortlandt Homes for him and let him take credit. He expects Howard to refuse, but he doesn't, asking Peter to come to his house the following day.

Howard explains the conditions under which he will do the Cortlandt Homes for Peter. Peter offers to sell his soul; Howard tells him that it is much more important and difficult that he keep it. He says that he has been working on the problem of low-rent housing for years, and explains that his motivation for doing this is never the clients, it is always the work itself; it has to be. He says that if Peter can offer him his own work built the way he wants it, he will accept. He has drawn up a contract outlining these terms exactly, and says that he will make it public, taking away any prestige Peter has left, if the houses are not built exactly as Howard has drawn them. Howard is delighted when Peter tells him that he understands that he is getting less out of the bargain than Howard is. Before Peter leaves, he shows several of his paintings to Roark, asking for his opinion and telling him that he hasn't shown them to anyone. Roark responds that it's too late, and after Peter has left has the sickening feeling of pity.

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