Part 4, Chapter 6 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 6

A group of people, Mitchell Layton, Homer Slottern, Jessica Pratt, Renee Slottern, and Eve Layton, along with Toohey, sit around discussing the nature of freedom. The only true freedom comes from doing what is good for others. They quote what people such as Lois Cook and Lance Clokey have to say about the social situation in the country. The conversation turns to The Banner and how it has been slipping recently. There is a group called We Don't Read Wynand, led by Gus Webb, that goes around telling people that Wynand is a dictator, and some are beginning to listen. Layton and Slottern are thinking about taking their advertisements out of the paper. While wandering home, Toohey thinks of Dominique, and how he would have liked to share this evening's conversation with her; he laughs at the thought of this, and a policeman stops him and asks him what's funny. He says that if the policeman is protecting the innocent, he should arrest him.

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