Part 4, Chapter 5 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 5

Wynand thinks about Roark as he reads The Banner, feeling better about everything as he does so. One day, he asks Roark to lunch, just because he has had his picture taken with Lancelot Clokey and wanted to get it out of his system. He frequently shows up unannounced to Roark's home or office. As spring comes and Wynand visits the site of his new house frequently, he becomes more content with life than he ever has before. One day, he watches Roark at the site of the building, standing strong and tall, and thinks that an unfinished building is the perfect setting for Roark. Roark tells him that although he is still in love, his love for buildings is much greater.

Dominique accepts that she must be patient, act only as a beautiful fixture of Wynand's home and let Wynand have Roark. She sees it as the greatest punishment possible; but if it is what Roark wants, she will do it. Wynand believes she doesn't like Roark; but he says that it's possible, knowing Roark has enabled Wynand to love Dominique more.

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