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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 4

Dominique stands in the penthouse looking out the window; Gail comes home feeling light, and thirty years younger, he tells her. He has a present for her, that their house will be completed during the summer. He takes her into the study to see the drawing. As soon as she sees the drawing, she knows it is Roark's. She feels somehow violated by the presence of his drawing in front of her and Gail, but she knows it was inevitable. Gail asks her why she hated Roark, why she wrote what she did in The Banner about him. She replies that she didn't hate him, that it was a long time ago. He tells her that Roark is coming for dinner, and Dominique says she will get dressed.

Roark arrives for dinner. He and Dominique pretend not to know each other well; he and Wynand talk about how when a person sees something and says "yes" to it, in a way they own it; when Wynand sees a building made by Roark and says "yes," he owns part of it. Dominique has difficulty seeing him in her apartment with Wynand.

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Wynand comes to Roark's office unannounced. He tells Roark that he has been thinking about the fact that they had had similar beginnings. He says that when he thinks about the awful things that happen and are written in The Banner, he thinks about Roark and how he is so untouched by all of it, and this comforts him. Wynand calls Dominique to tell her that he and Roark will be dining out tonight, and she thinks about how many times she has wanted to go to Roark's office, where her husband is now, but feels that she doesn't have the right.

Wynand calls Toohey into his office to tell him, quite plainly, that he is not to write about Roark in his column - not one word, not one picture. Toohey agrees, for the present, and leaves.

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