Part 4, Chapter 3 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 3

Wynand takes Roark to the estate where he'd like his house built. After two hours of wandering around the grounds, Roark tells Wynand where he would build the house, and Wynand agrees. Then Wynand tells Roark that he read about the Stoddard Temple. Wynand does not apologize for what the papers said, and Roark does not seek an apology or forgiveness. He has gotten over it, whereas Wynand has not. They talk about both of their humble beginnings, and Roark offers to help Wynand with his past, in part by building this home. They drive back to the city; Wynand drops Roark off at the Cord Building, and tells him to get in touch when the first drawings are ready.

Roark finishes the first drawings and goes to see Wynand; when he enters, Wynand is cordial without a trace of the familiarity with which they had talked earlier. He tells Roark that he has a deal for him: he will build Roark's house, exactly as he has drawn it, on the condition that he be Wynand's sole architect for the rest of his life, designing every building he erects, in whatever style the public demands. Roark happily agrees, grabs a sheet of paper and a pencil, and quickly draws Wynand's house, but with several additions in different styles. He throws the drawing at Wynand, which breaks him, and he laughs. Wynand admits that he was curious to find out about Roark's life, and that he found out everything except the women in his life, which Roark says are few. Wynand asks him to dinner at his house, because he wants him to meet with Dominique.

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