Part 4, Chapter 2 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 2

Feeling as close as he can to hatred for Wynand, Roark goes to the New York Banner to speak with him. From the moment he walks in, the two look at each other as if they are slowly taking in exactly who the other is. Wynand tells Roark that he'd like to build a house for himself and his wife, completely different from the things he's built for his public. Roark says, and Wynand does not disagree, that the reason Wynand has not built anything for himself yet is that he has been unhappy. He says that now, with his wife, he is happy. He wishes to build a sort of prison for her, but "only by the power of its own perfection. Not bars and ramparts-but your talent standing as a wall between us and the world." Part 4, Chapter 2, pg. 519-520. Roark leaves and Wynand buzzes for his secretary to find out everything she can on Roark.

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Alvah goes to Ellsworth with the news that Roark was in Wynand's office. They do not know why, they do not know of anything Wynand is planning on building, but they are disturbed because it seems that lately Wynand has been slipping. Alvah says he hopes Wynand brought Roark there to break him; if he does, it will bring him back to the way he used to be. Ellsworth says that no matter what, if it came to a showdown between them and Wynand, they would win.

A boy brings Wynand what he requested - all the clippings on Roark he could find. He reads through all of the things The Banner has said about Roark, from the Stoddard Temple to the picture of Roark looking up at the Enright House with the caption, "Are you happy, Mr. Superman?" After reading these, he sits still for a long time.

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