Part 3, Chapter 9 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 9

On their yacht for the summer months, Gail and Dominique discuss the subject of integrity. Gail says he hates the concept, and explains that the reason he appears so differently to Dominique than to the rest of the world is because he loves her. He says God help her if she were a man, because although he is indifferent to people who simply follow the crowd, anyone with a mind of his own he will set out to destroy, just to prove that he can.

One night Gail and Dominique stand on the roof garden of their penthouse, looking at the city. He tells her that he has always dreamed of the day he would build the Wynand building, but he is not ready for it, yet. She senses that the time is right, and asks him to fire Ellsworth. She tries to explain that he's dangerous, that he's looking for control of the Wynand papers as means to control the world, but Gail refuses to listen, thinking Ellsworth too small. He tells her to leave the papers to him.

For a few weeks, Gail and Dominique do not speak when alone together - not out of resentment, but out of a mutual understanding. One night, Gail goes to Dominique as she sits at her dressing table, and watches her. She apologizes for marrying him, because she does not love him but wants to stay with him. When she figures him out, she will understand herself. He says that it does not matter that she doesn't love him - what matters to him is his love for her, his possession of her.

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