Part 3, Chapter 7 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 7

Gail meets Dominique at the train station, even though she has told no one of her return from Reno. She feels that he is familiar and needed. As they drive, he tells her that they are going to get a marriage license and then to a judge to get married. She says that she wants a real Wynand wedding, and he puts her up in a hotel for a week while he arranges things. She comes to miss him during the week. They are married at the Noyes-Belmont Hotel in front of six hundred people; she watches him endure the ceremony, and thinks of Roark, who would act similarly. Once back at his penthouse, Dominique thanks Wynand for banning the photographers from the wedding. When they go to his bedroom, she tries at first to remain indifferent to him, but soon she cannot, and she submits to the force of him.

Toohey and Scarret talk about how every paper in the city is blasting Wynand for marrying a divorcee and being ashamed even to let his papers write about it. Scarret asks if Ellsworth is loyal to The Banner, telling him that the New Frontiers, for which Ellsworth writes, has been very particularly funny about Wynand recently. Ellsworth had given money to someone who had given money to the New Frontiers, right before it was about to go under, but he manages to convince Alvah that he is completely loyal to The Banner.

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