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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 3

Dominique visits Wynand in his office. Each shares information that had been kept from the other by Toohey: Wynand tells Dominique that Toohey gave her the statue, and Dominique tells him the name of the sculptor, Steven Mallory, and that the statue was originally in the Stoddard Temple. Dominique tells him that the Stoddard story had cost her the job with the Banner; Wynand had not realized that Mrs. Keating was Dominique Francon. He wants her to ask for her old job back, but she turns the subject to Stoneridge. She tells him frankly that she is prepared to sleep with him in exchange for the commission for Peter. Wynand tells her that he understands her motive: "You don't want Stoneridge. You want to sell yourself for the lowest motive to the lowest person you can find." Part 3, Chapter 3, pg. 436-37. He tells her that he accepts her offer; they will take a two-month cruise on his yacht, after which the commission will be Peter's. As she is leaving, he remarks that the difference between her statue and herself is that the theme of the statue is exaltation, whereas her own theme is suffering.

Wynand orders a private showing of Mallory's work, and buys several pieces. He tells Toohey that so many people try to kill him that he cannot remember their names.

Wynand, Dominique, and Peter have dinner the following Monday. Peter is thankful they are in a public restaurant so that they can be seen. Wynand tells him he doesn't have to be afraid, since the commission is already his. Wynand begins to describe Dominique's beauty, implying to Peter the deal that has been made; Peter refuses to believe that people do that sort of thing. He becomes disoriented and leaves the table, leaving Dominique and Wynand behind.

Two days before they sail, Wynand brings Dominique to his art gallery on the floor beneath his apartment. She realizes that no one ever sees this gallery. When they leave, she asks him why he brought her here, since it will probably make her think worse of him; he replies that he just wanted her to see it.

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