Part 2, Chapter 13 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 13

Stoddard wins. Dominique wants to print her entire testimony in her column, but Scarett won't let her. He cables Wynand, who cables back saying, "Fire the bitch." Ellsworth comes to her office and gives her the cable, which he has obtained. He tells her that she was the only person who had ever proven him wrong. She goes to Scarett, shows him the cable, and while he is apologizing, she says that she's been made a martyr, which she's tried her whole life not to be.

Katie Halsey goes to Toohey to ask his advice; it is something she does often, but usually she tries to be as unobtrusive as possible. This time, she comes directly to his office. She tells him she has been very unhappy in her job as a social worker. She is trying to be selfless and devote her time to helping the poor, but has only succeeded in hating the poor. Furthermore, she sees the same hate in the people she works with - she can't think of a single selfless person who is happy, except for her uncle. He begins by telling her that the answer is in the speech that she has just given; she is obviously too concerned with herself, and with her own happiness. Only when one renounces the desire to be happy can one truly be happy; one must do everything for someone else and nothing for oneself. Acting on individual desire is selfish and evil. We must not think, only believe and have faith. She leaves convinced that she is worthless, but it doesn't matter.

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Keating comes to see Katie. It has been six months since she's seen him; he looks awful and has been drinking, though he says that's over. He tells her that he can't take any more and so he came here, where he most wanted to go. He has done something awful; he won't tell her what, but he asks for forgiveness. He says he thinks someone who can never forgive him has forgiven him. He tells Katie that he wants to get married right away; he'll take off work for a month, and she'll quit her job. She says yes to everything. When he has left, she sobs on her bed, without caring; Toohey walks in and asks what Peter has done, and she tells him, I'm not afraid of you, Uncle Ellsworth. She doesn't understand, but he does.

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