Part 2, Chapter 7 Notes from The Fountainhead

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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 7

Dominique writes an article in her column about the Enright house; she says that it will make the other buildings around it seem meaningless and false, and suffer for it. Toohey comes to her office and asks her about the article; says he can read between the lines. He asks her if she knows the story of Peter Keating's life, that she should get to know him, that she should like him. He tells her the parallel story of Keating and Roark - that Keating is Roark's greatest enemy, and she screams at him to get out because of what he is implying.

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Joel Sutton calls Dominique to ask her if she meant what she said in the column; he was sure about Roark, but he values her opinion. She asks him to have lunch with her tomorrow. At lunch, she convinces him that Roark wants to build this building for reasons other than for his soul, or his health. Sutton wants to have the same architect that many other people have trusted - Peter Keating. Afterwards, Sutton meets with Roark and tells him he intends to hire Keating, noting that Dominique was the one who convinced him.

Dominique comes to see Roark that evening; he has been expecting her. She tells him what she wants, at his request. She wants to sleep with him, to destroy him, to be possessed by him. Every time she hurts him through his work, as she has done today, she will come to him to be owned by him. He tells her to take off her clothes, and she does, indifferently, and they have sex. Afterwards, he tells her that he wants her- he would not want her if not for her desire to destroy him-he tells her to fall asleep at his place and he will make her breakfast in the morning. And afterwards she can destroy him again.

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