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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 6

People don't like the way Roger Enright acquired his wealth; he said no one ever got in his way because he never counted on anyone. He spent six months looking for an architect, and when he found Roark, he decided on him after a half-hour interview. He finds out about the secretary who had dismissed Roark and fires him, giving him only ten minutes to leave the office.

Roark reopens his office and hires several draftsmen to help him; they think the office is cold and soulless. Roark explains to Heller that he is only natural when he's working. He purposely does not look for Dominique, because it amuses him to think how unbearable it is for her to wait. Roark is asked to meet with Joel Sutton, who is thinking of erecting a building. He likes Roger Enright and trusts his judgement, so he calls for Roark. He hesitates in giving him an answer. Heller asks Roark to go to a party at Mrs. Holcombe's; she has asked him to bring Roark. Heller adds that it would help seal the deal with Sutton, but Roark agrees only when Heller mentions that Dominique will be there.

At the party, Ellsworth chats with Mrs. Kiki Holcombe about how useless, but still charming, it is for a woman to make a profession out of entertaining. He then says that arguing is neither charming nor useful. All traffic in the house seems to be centered on Keating at one end and Toohey at the other. Toohey insults several people and is called witty and courageous. He talks to Keating about Dominique; he says it will be an extraordinary man who will capture her favor, and that whoever it is, he will have Keating beat. Keating goes to talk to Dominique, who is wearing a gown the color of glass, but after a few minutes he leaves because she doesn't seem interested in the conversation.

Roark and Heller enter. Mrs. Holcombe praises Roark on the Enright House, saying it's not to her taste, but it's a wonderful building, and one must have an open mind. Roark says he has never had an open mind. She wanders off, and Heller sees Dominique. They go over and Heller introduces Roark to her. They chat about people they know, but neither mentions what has happened. Dominique thinks Roark is deliberately mocking her, making her be the first to speak about it. Snyte drags Roark away, trying to be nice to him, and Heller drags Snyte away, and leaves Roark with Sutton, who promises Roark the commission but is very disappointed that Roark does not play badminton. He was hoping they could play while the building was being erected. When he leaves, Peter Keating, who has heard the conversation, congratulates Roark and tells him that he should have pretended to know all about badminton, but understands he would never do that. Many people are introduced to Roark and compliment him, saying that he might be the next Ralston Holcombe or that his building is almost as good as the Cosmo-Slotnik building.

Toohey has been watching Roark all night with a curious fascination. He asks who he is, and when he finds out, and is asked whether he wants to meet him, he declines. Kiki and Dominique are talking about Roark; Dominique says to Kiki that she doesn't like Roark, even though he has a beautiful face. She suddenly realizes that not everyone sees this about Roark, and she has given something away. Toohey hears her and tells her he sees it as well. They engage in a vague conversation - Toohey says they are both useful to each other, and that Dominique has already made a mistake. Dominique leaves and Kiki wonders why they were talking of such things. Toohey talks about the importance of a man's face - one can know everything from a man's face. She asks him to interpret her, but he walks off in mid-conversation.

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